The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation awarded nearly 900,000 euro to research in the fields of medical science and the natural sciences

The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation has awarded, in total, nearly EUR 900,000 to research in the fields of medical science and the natural sciences. This year, grant funding is awarded to a total of 18 researchers. Some of them receive continued funding for research projects initiated earlier with support from the Foundation.

Published: 25.5.2022

The Board of the Sakari Alhopuro Foundation has decided to support the work of 18 post doc researchers by awarding a total of nearly EUR 900,000 in grant funding. The funding is intended to promote high-quality research in the fields of medical science and the natural sciences.

“Once again, there were plenty of deserving applications, slightly more than last year”, states Sakari Alhopuro, Chairman of the Foundation Board.

The Foundation encourages talented young people to pursue a researcher career and supports the continued work of post doc researchers. The Foundation emphasises the importance of continuity in research activities.

“A researcher’s work calls for persistence – results are not generated instantly. Promising and high-quality research should not fail because of lack of funding. This year, the Foundation awarded continued funding to six projects”, Alhopuro explains.

The well-being of humankind and nature are interlinked

Many of the supported projects concern the ongoing transformation of our lifestyle and living environment. The impacts of the changes are reflected in the well-being of both the human beings and the nature.

“In the present, our living environment is undergoing changes that are significant in terms of our future. Climate change, loss of nature and declining antibiotic efficacy are examples of global challenges that we need to tackle by all available means. Researchers play a major role in these efforts”, Alhopuro stresses.

The names of the persons and projects that have received grant funding are found here.


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The purpose of the Sakari Alhopuro Foundation is to support and promote high-quality medical research, biodiversity, entrepreneurship as well as cultural and social well-being in Finland.

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