Grant recipients

Grant applicants will be notified of the decision by e-mail. Grant recipients will also be published on the Foundation’s website. The grant recipients can be found here.

Sakari Alhopuro Foundation’s instructions for grant recipients

Foundation grants shall be applied for and managed using the Foundation’s online grant application service.

You can manage the information related to your project under the heading Own applications. When you click on the project number, you will be transferred to the project’s main page, where you will find the link for the Payment plan at the top of the page.

To ensure the payment of a personal grant, please specify your own personal ID number and bank account number in IBAN format.

To ensure the payment of a project grant, please specify the Business ID of the relevant university or other place of business and its bank account number in IBAN format. In the message field, enter the internal project number or other identifier as assigned to the project by the place of business in question.

If there is a need to update the payment information after the payment plan has been submitted, please contact us through the message system in the Foundation’s online service.

The payment plan must be completed and submitted no later than the 15th of June. Please check the completed fields carefully before sending! Both the recipient and the representative of the research institution sign the payment plan electronically with bank credentials.

Recipients who reside in Finland are obliged to take insurance if they are working uninterruptedly on grant funding for a minimum of four months. Recipients of personal grants must apply for insurance from the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela. The insurance application form and additional information is available from Mela’s website. The Foundation will notify Mela of the awarded grants.

At the end of each year, the Sakari Alhopuro Foundation will report all paid grant funding to the tax authorities. Personal grant recipients shall include the amount of the grant received from the Foundation in their own tax returns. The grants are tax exempt for the recipients up to the amount of the tax-free artist grant awarded annually by the State. Detailed and up-to-date information is available from the Finnish Tax Administration.

The Foundation requires that grant recipients submit a report on the progress of the research project, together with the results obtained thus far, no later than September of the year following the grant decision.

The maximum length of the report is one page (A4) and any publications completed with the grant funding shall be attached to the report. The report shall be submitted through the online grant application service.

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