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The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation promotes and supports medical research, biodiversity, entrepreneurship as well as cultural and social well-being in Finland.

Medical Science

The Foundation specifically supports young doctors, so that they might have the opportunity to conduct research already during their studies and immediately after graduating.  

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More research data is needed about the impacts of climate change on our planet’s future. The Foundation seeks to advance an understanding of the biodiversity of nature as a means of promoting a more sustainable use of our natural surroundings.

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What's new

The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation awarded nearly 900,000 euro for research

The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation has awarded, in total, nearly EUR 900,000 to research in the fields of medical science and the natural sciences. This year, grant funding is awarded to a total of 18 researchers. Some of them receive continued funding for research projects initiated earlier with support from the Foundation.

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Sakari Alhopuro:


‘What is the purpose of life? As a doctor, I have often considered that the purpose of life is found in helping others’, states Sakari Alhopuro, founder of the Foundation.

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Could ecological knowledge be utilized in developing treatments for human diseases?

There is abundant research information concerning the microbiomes, or the communities of microbes and their collective activities in different habitats. However, less progress has been made in revealing universal ecological and evolutionary rules governing microbial ecosystems, which hampers the engineering of microbial therapeutics to serve human needs. We are now tackling this knowledge gap by constructing and characterizing simplified communities of gut microbes in the laboratory.

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Will tissue-saving tonsil surgery also be an option for adults in the future?

Tonsillectomy, or the removal of the tonsils, is one of the most common surgical procedures in both children and adults. In children, it is increasingly usual to remove the tonsils only partially. The method is known as tonsillotomy and it accelerates the healing process after surgery. A current research project aims to clarify if this tissue-saving surgical technique would be a valid option for the treatment of tonsil-related issues in adults as well.

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New non-native species, mass outbreaks and farewells

Ecological communities are changing at an unprecedented speed worldwide. Mass outbreaks of species populate the headlines but we also have frequent news about the extinction of species. There are multiple causes for this natural upheaval, and it is often hard to discriminate between the different causes. The long time series of observations provided by the Seili, Kevo and Värriö field stations are used to clarify the role of climate change in this puzzle.

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Professor Pentti Huovinen received the A. I. Virtanen Prize

Named after the only Finnish Nobel laureate in science, the A .I. Virtanen Prize has been awarded to Professor Pentti Huovinen in recognition of his internationally significant research in the field of bacteriology.

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Professor Emeritus Pekka Niemelä: “Root causes for the loss of nature derive from the Age of Enlightenment"

According to Pekka Niemelä, Professor (emer.) of Biodiversity and Environmental Science at the University of Turku, the accelerating loss of nature cannot be explained by climate change and related factors alone. He suggests that the root causes for the current state of nature derive from the Age of Enlightenment when humankind attempted to establish dominion over nature – with fateful consequences.

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Sakari Alhopuro Foundation

Carita Rantanen, M.Sc. (Econ.), eMBA
Managing Director
phone. 040 503 9609

Board of Directors of the Foundation

Sakari Alhopuro, D.Med.Sc.,
Lääkintöneuvos (Finnish hononary title)
Chairman of the Board
Pentti Huovinen, D.Med.Sc.,
Professor of Bacteriology
Vice Chairman of the Board
Jyri Heinonen, LL.M. with court training
Member of the Board
Ilppo Vuorinen, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus of Environmental Research
Member of the Board

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