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The Sakari Alhopuro Foundation promotes and supports medical research, biodiversity, entrepreneurship as well as cultural and social well-being in Finland.

Medical Science

The Foundation specifically supports young doctors, so that they might have the opportunity to conduct research already during their studies and immediately after graduating.  

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More research data is needed about the impacts of climate change on our planet’s future. The Foundation seeks to advance an understanding of the biodiversity of nature as a means of promoting a more sustainable use of our natural surroundings.

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The 2022 application period for grants from the Sakari Alhopuro Foundation is 1–28 February 2022

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Sakari Alhopuro:


‘What is the purpose of life? As a doctor, I have often considered that the purpose of life is found in helping others’, states Sakari Alhopuro, founder of the Foundation.

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Get to know the work of researchers by reading our blogs!

Does asymptomatic carriage of streptococcus bacteria affect the course of pregnancy?

The majority of childbirths proceed without problems. In recent years, however, preterm deliveries, inductions of labour and caesarean sections have become increasingly common. They expose the mother and the newborn to complications, which often are due to infections. In order to prevent serious infections, we need research-based knowledge about, for example, the source of pathogens.

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Could brown fat macrophages help in tackling metabolic disorders?

Obesity and the diseases related to it have increased globally. The obesity-associated inflammation is mainly caused by immune system cells known as macrophages that reside in white body fat. On the other hand, brown body fat is known to be beneficial to our health, but its mechanisms of action are still largely unexplored.

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Does metal exposure affect the development of the microbial environment of nestlings?

Many environmental chemicals have harmful effects on microbes that are essential for the wellbeing of organisms. The effects of metals on the microbiota in soil and plants have been studied most extensively. In contrast, we still know very little about the impacts of metals on the microbiota of birds. Our research aims to find answers to these questions.

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Professor Emeritus Pekka Niemelä: “Root causes for the loss of nature derive from the Age of Enlightenment"

According to Pekka Niemelä, Professor (emer.) of Biodiversity and Environmental Science at the University of Turku, the accelerating loss of nature cannot be explained by climate change and related factors alone. He suggests that the root causes for the current state of nature derive from the Age of Enlightenment when humankind attempted to establish dominion over nature – with fateful consequences.

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