Flying flags in celebration of Finnish Nature Day

Published 26.8.2023
Image: Eeva Mäkinen / Suomen luonnon päivä

This Saturday, 26 August, we celebrate Finnish Nature Day. Since 2013, the last Saturday in August has been dedicated to Finnish nature. Starting this year, it is also marked as an established flag-flying day in calendars. The idea of this special day is to encourage people to go out into nature and celebrate it.

Over the past decade, Finnish Nature Day has grown into a popular festive day that everyone can enjoy in their own ways. It is also possible to participate in various collective events and campaigns; go hiking and explore local nature, take part in the ‘sleep a night outdoors’ or 'bake a blueberry pie' challenges, or fill a ‘Sibelius box’ with aromatic natural items of your choice.

Happy Finnish Nature Day!



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